VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting gives you complete control over your website’s server. Web hosts use virtualization technology to divide a server into many mini, virtual servers. These mini-servers are called Virtual Private Servers.

These servers although a part of the bigger server can only access data that was created by them. This way, no other VPS on the same server can access the data that was created by your VPS. This makes a virtual private server more secure than shared hosting.

Most small businesses start by hosting their websites on a shared web hosting plan. When their site starts to get a lot of traffic, they often decide to move it to a VPS for its superior performance, and ability to withstand a lot of traffic.

We regularly review the best VPS providers. Below, you can find our latest reviews. They will help you find the best VPS provider for your business.

VPSDime Review & Alternatives — Affordable VPS Hosting Provider

Molly Roberts
Molly Roberts
Published on October 2nd, 2022
8 minute read

A review of one of the cheapest VPS hosting providers on the market. Is VPS Dime worth the money?